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LattePanda 2GB/32GB SBC

The LattePanda is a tiny Intel Atom-based Single-Board Computer capable of running a full version of the Windows 10 operating system. With the addition of a keyboard, mouse and HDMI or DVI-D input monitor, you have all the functionality of a much larger desktop PC. Alternatively, you can install Virtual Network Computing (VNC) software on the LattePanda and drive it remotely from another PC on the network.

The LattePanda can also function as an embedded controller able to take inputs from sensors and drive motors and relays. For this purpose, a second processor chip is included: an ATmega32U4 which can be programmed as if it were an Arduino Leonardo. Most of the board’s inputs and outputs are driven by this Arduino processor.

Here is a link to a Getting Started sensor project which provides details on downloading Microsoft Visual Studio and LattePanda Firmata Arduino library:

Processor Module

• 1.8GHz Intel Atom X5-Z8300 64-bit Quad-Core microprocessor with Intel HD Graphics
• 32GB eMMC Flash memory
• 16MHz ATmega32U4 MCU with 32KB Flash memory, 2.5KB RAM, 1KB EEPROM

Board Features

• LattePanda Processor module
• WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless module
• USB-A socket for USB 3.0 SS connection
• 2 x USB-A sockets for USB 2.0 connection
• Micro-USB socket for board power supply
• HDMI video output socket
• MIPI-DSI FPC connector for 7in accessory LCD panel
• FPC connector for accessory touch-screen overlay
• RJ45 socket for 10/100 Ethernet LAN
• 3.5mm audio headphone jack socket
• MicroSD card slot
• Power On/Off pushbutton
• Separate Reset pushbuttons for Atom and Arduino
• Power On LED
• User LED for Arduino
• Tx0/Rx0 serial port activity LEDs for Arduino
• 10-pin serial port socket header for Atom
• 24-pin socket header for Arduino I/O
• 6-pin socket header for Arduino SPI serial port
• 4-pin header for +5V supply to optional cooling fans (CN2)
• 6 x 3-pin Gravity module connectors for Arduino: 3 x Digital, 3 x Analogue
• Power supply: +5Vdc @ 2.5A (Not supplied)
• Dimensions: 88 x 70mm


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